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Regular vision acuity tests are fairly well-known to most people. Kids commonly are given acuity eye exams at school, and adults might be asked to take them in the work context. However, doing well on a vision exam doesn't guarantee your eyes are clear of eye disease. For that reason, having a full eye exam regularly is especially important. At inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham in Birmingham, AL, comprehensive eye health evaluations involve many important testing capabilities that allow our skilled eye doctors to examine your general eye health. These tests are particularly important since many serious, vision-threatening concerns, like cataracts, don't cause any obvious symptoms to manifest. Along with offering detailed eye exams for adults, we also perform pediatric eye exams for children.

What Are the Benefits of Eye Exams?

No matter if you’ve had 20/20 vision all your life or have worn contacts or glasses since grade school, eye exams are vital to ensuring healthy eyesight. Advantages of routine, full eye exams conducted at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham in Birmingham, AL include:

  • Offering early detection and diagnosis of eye conditions, eye diseases, and changes in eyesight
  • Providing a path to proper and effective treatments in the future
  • Maintaining optimal vision and eye health
  • Achieving clearer vision
  • Verifying your vision is not impacted by conditions that complicate eyesight, such as diabetes
  • A quick, easy, and comfortable process

Am I a Candidate for an Eye Exam?

All adults and children, regardless of their vision, should have regular eye exams to ensure their overall optical and visual health. Comprehensive eye exams offer the opportunity to identify potentially serious eye conditions that can progress if left untreated and are often asymptomatic in their earliest stages. While regular eye exams are essential for preserving your vision and eye health, the appropriate frequency of eye exams can vary from person to person based on individual eye health and other factors. Our team will help determine the most suitable eye exam schedule for you or your child based on your unique needs.


Eye exams can vary between adults and children. Usually, eye exams at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham take about 30 – 90 minutes. Your exam will start with a routine eye chart test to determine how sharp your vision is. If this determines that you need prescription lenses, we will generally go ahead and do refraction testing to decide what your refractive prescription should be. Next, we will do a visual field test, known as a Goldmann visual field exam, to determine the extent of your peripheral vision and assist in spotting more serious eye conditions. After the visual field test, we might examine your eyes for strabismus (crossed eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye) by using a cover test. Then, your doctor will most likely do a test that checks for color vision deficiencies and helps in catching other eye health conditions. To wrap up, they will conduct a slit lamp exam to get an enlarged, 360-degree three-dimensional view of the front of your eyes, such as the upper and lower lids, conjunctiva, cornea, iris, and lenses.

What Should I Expect After An Eye Exam?

Once your eye exam is complete, a team member will talk to you about scheduling your next appointment. Your age, exam results, related health factors, and other details will help gauge your most effective times to receive eye exams. Even patients who get great results need to continue to receive eye exams once every 2 – 4 years so that if any issues appear, they can be found and addressed as soon as possible. You may be asked to schedule an appointment for future testing or treatment if one of our doctors at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham finds any signs of potential concern. Remember that if we need to dilate your pupils, you may need to bring a friend or family member who can drive you home after your appointment.

Ensure Your Eye Health

Many people aren't concerned with their eyes until a vision impairment arises. However, the health of our eyes goes way beyond our vision. We invite you to set up comprehensive eye health exams for yourself and your family with our team at our office in Birmingham, AL. inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham uses cutting-edge equipment and methods to examine your eyes and detect any abnormalities so these can be addressed right away.

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