What Role Does Air Quality Play in Triggering Eye Allergies?

Meet Our Team | 05/10/2024

Discover how factors like pollen and pollution can trigger uncomfortable eye allergies and when it's time to see an opthalmologist for treatment.


Why Are Annual Diabetic Eye Exams Critical for Individuals with Diabetes?

Meet Our Team | 04/18/2024

By scheduling regular diabetic eye exams, individuals with diabetes can greatly reduce their risk of developing severe eye diseases or vision loss.


Are There Lifestyle Changes That Can Lower the Risk of Glaucoma?

Meet Our Team | 03/08/2024

Discover how simple lifestyle changes, like improved diet and exercise, can play a key role in reducing the risk of glaucoma and protecting vision.


What Environmental Triggers Cause Dry Eye Symptoms?

Meet Our Team | 02/12/2024

Step into clearer vision by understanding how various environmental factors, including weather and indoor pollutants, contribute to dry eye symptoms.


What Are the Early Signs of Cataracts?

Meet Our Team | 01/21/2024

Recognizing cataract symptoms, such as blurring, light sensitivity, and color changes, enables timely treatment and helps prevent severe vision loss.


What Kind of Vision Is Improved with Bifocal Contact Lenses?

Meet Our Team | 12/24/2023

Bifocal contacts revolutionize vision correction, merging different prescriptions in one lens for an uninterrupted, clear view without glasses.


What Can Happen If Eye Allergies Are Left Untreated?

Meet Our Team | 11/13/2023

Eye allergies go beyond itchy eyes, potentially leading to redness, swelling, and even long-term ocular damage to your vision if left untreated.


How Does Age Impact the Development of Glaucoma?

Meet Our Team | 10/09/2023

To combat glaucoma-related vision loss in our senior years, recognizing its early signs through regular eye exams is indispensable.


What Are the Symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy?

Meet Our Team | 09/22/2023

Learn about the early symptoms of diabetic retinopathy, a common condition and one of the leading causes of new cases of blindness in the U.S.


How Long Can Scleral Contact Lenses Last?

Meet Our Team | 08/28/2023

Scleral lenses can be a great solution for patients with a range of corneal issues. Learn more about their benefits and how to care for them.


How Does Refractive Cataract Surgery Differ from Traditional Cataract Surgery?

Meet Our Team | 08/03/2023

Learn all about refractive cataract surgery, a modern approach to treating cataracts that offers enhanced precision and improved patient outcomes.


Will Dry Eyes Go Away if Left Untreated?

Meet Our Team | 06/29/2023

Dry eye syndrome can make your eyes become red and uncomfortable. Read about dry eye symptoms and how our eye care professionals help you find relief.


What Are the Benefits of Multifocal Contact Lens?

Dr. Young Choi | 05/29/2023

Multifocal contact lenses offer multiple powers to help you see clearly and crisply at various distances.


How Long Does it Take to Adjust to Anti-Fatigue Lens?

Dr. Young Choi | 04/29/2023

Anti-fatigue lenses can alleviate eyestrain and other unpleasant symptoms, though patients generally need a week or two adjustment period.


What Does Glaucoma Pain Feel Like?

Dr. Young Choi | 03/28/2023

Glaucoma generally does not cause pain or other apparent symptoms in its initial stages, so routine eye exams are necessary for early detection.


How Can Eye Allergies be Managed at Home?

Dr. Young Choi | 02/25/2023

Patients can alleviate and manage their eye allergies at home with eye drops, medications, and various lifestyle modification strategies.


Will I Still Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Young Choi | 01/21/2023

Cataract surgery removes cataracts to offer clearer vision, though some patients may still need to wear their eyeglasses afterward.


Why Are Scleral Lens Needed for Some Patients?

Dr. Young Choi | 12/26/2022

Scleral lenses offer better coverage and a more stable fit for those with certain ocular concerns or active lifestyles.


Can Diabetic Retinopathy Lead to Blindness if Untreated?

Dr. Young Choi | 11/25/2022

Diabetic retinopathy can lead to blindness if left untreated, so it's vital that you seek an eye exam and professional treatment strategies.


How Can Eye Injuries be Avoided?

Dr. Young Choi | 10/28/2022

One of the best ways to enjoy long-lasting eye health and excellent eyesight is to avoid eye injuries by adhering to the following tips and tricks.


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