Why Would Someone Need Multifocal Contact Lenses?

Dr. Young Choi | 08/19/2022

Those who experience visual difficulties can benefit from multifocal contact lenses, which can improve visual acuity across all distances.


Is Too Much Screen Time Giving You Eye Strain and Headaches?

Dr. Young Choi | 07/29/2022

Spending too much time in front of a screen is a common cause of both eye strain and headaches. Find tips to help and eye health strategies here.


What Eye Drops Help Treat Glaucoma?

Dr. Young Choi | 06/23/2022

Eye drops such as beta-blockers, alpha agonists, and others can help manage your glaucoma and prevent or minimize further optic nerve damage.


What Are the First Signs of an Eye Allergy?

Dr. Young Choi | 05/26/2022

Eye allergies encompass many potential signs, including irritation, inflammation, itchiness, grittiness, excess watering, and similar discomforts.


How Long Will Vision be Distorted After Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Young Choi | 04/21/2022

The aftereffects of cataract surgery are mild, and most patients can expect visual distortions to clear up within a few days after their procedure.


What Are the Benefits of a Scleral Lens?

Dr. Young Choi | 03/24/2022

Scleral lenses are like contact lenses but larger, so they can cover the front of the eye for a more stable, comfortable fit.


When Will I Adjust to My Multifocal Contact Lenses?

Dr. Young Choi | 02/17/2022

Multifocal contact lenses are a great option for many patients in Birmingham, AL, but it may take a month to adjust.


How To Manage My Dry Eyes At Home

Meet Our Team | 01/25/2022

Dry eye symptoms can be hard to manage, but you can keep them under control with a few steps at home.


Can Annual Diabetic Eye Exams Help Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy?

Meet Our Team | 12/21/2021

Diabetic retinopathy requires regular monitoring and treatment to ensure your eyes stay healthy. An annual exam can identify this problem.


How Early Can Glaucoma Be Treated?

Meet Our Team | 11/26/2021

Glaucoma can be detected as early as your forties. Our experts can perform the necessary tests to identify if you have glaucoma.


What Should I Do For Halo Vision After Cataract Surgery?

Meet Our Team | 11/03/2021

Halo vision and other visual disturbances, such as blurriness, are common side effects after cataract surgery and should gradually fade and disappear.


What Are Anti-Fatigue Lenses Used For?

Meet Our Team | 09/27/2021

Are your eyes tired from close work on the computer, reading, or using your phone? Anti-fatigue glasses can reduce eye strain and improve comfort.


Three Ways Seasonal Allergies Affect Vision

Meet Our Team | 08/28/2021

Allergies can really affect the eyes, causing itching, watering, and more. Learn the three ways allergies affect your vision and how to get relief.


Why Am I Seeing Halos When I Look At Lights?

Meet Our Team | 07/23/2021

Do you see halos around lights? This may be a sign of a serious condition. Find out what seeing halos may mean and when you should see an eye doctor.


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