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Our team of talented eye doctors has extensive experience with many of the most advanced refractive surgery methods, such as no-blade LASIK. LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is the most sought-after refractive procedure in the eye health field. Millions of adults all over the world have received this remarkable treatment and can hardly believe their outcomes. LASIK surgery is FDA approved and can improve or totally eliminate myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism by precisely changing the contour of the cornea, which causes light to center properly on the retina. At inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham in Birmingham, AL, our mission is for everyone to have their clearest vision. We understand that the ability to see clearly can often have a significant impact on everyday life and that getting the sharpest eyesight possible can enrich everything, from professional contexts to hobbies.

What Are The Benefits Of LASIK?

LASIK in Birmingham, AL at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham, offers a wide range of benefits to improve your vision, including:

  • Offering virtually immediate, long-lasting vision improvements
  • Reducing the need for contact lenses and glasses
  • Making physical activities, sports, and hobbies easier
  • Allowing adjustments to be made at any age
  • Providing a quick, easy procedure
  • Recovery time is minimal
  • No stitches or bandages
  • Saves time and money overall

Am I A Candidate For LASIK?

Thanks to some remarkable advancements in LASIK technology, a growing number of people might now be ideal candidates for the treatment. Therefore, while you might have been told by other ophthalmologists that LASIK wouldn't be a good option for you, it might be beneficial to look into it again. Only a trained ophthalmologist will be able to accurately say whether someone is a good candidate for refractive surgery; however, some basic rules of thumb apply to most patients: To start, patients should be a minimum of 18 years of age. In addition, it is crucial that the individual has ample corneal thickness. Also, a few specific eye disorders or other medical issues may affect a patient's eligibility for LASIK; however, other refractive surgeries, including photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), may still be a viable option.

HOW IS LASIK performed?

At inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham, LASIK is a surprisingly fast, valuable refractive error correction treatment. Before beginning the treatment, your eyes will be fully numbed with special eye drops to ensure your total comfort. Then, a small, round device will be positioned around each eye to keep you from blinking. People receiving LASIK aren't able to see this ring and never feel a thing but a little "push" sensation on the eye. Next, we will use an advanced laser device to make a microscopically thin corneal flap. We will then carefully fold the flap upward to use the laser to reshape the underlying corneal tissue. As soon as this is finished, we will smooth the corneal flap back into place, and it will then heal itself back together with no sutures. Generally, individuals who undergo LASIK can see clearly right after the procedure.

What Should I Expect After LASIK?

After the LASIK treatment, patients should go home immediately and keep their eyes closed for a few hours. This is necessary because, right after the surgery, when the numbness starts to wear off, patients feel like there is dirt in their eyes, along with some stinging. These common side effects cause an extreme desire to blink or scratch the eyes, and this is especially dangerous for them at this point. Napping is the best way to get through this hardest part of the recovery period. It is essential not to massage them at all for 14 days as the corneas heal.


Is LASIK safe?

LASIK is generally considered to be a safe and effective procedure. Complications from surgery are rare but can occur. Our experienced team members take every precaution to ensure your safety and comfort during the procedure and after. Patients also undergo a consultation to ensure their candidacy.

Is LASIK permanent?

The results of LASIK are considered long-lasting if you continue to take good care of your eyes and attend follow-up exams as recommended. However, LASIK will not prevent age-related vision problems like presbyopia. We recommend discussing your vision goals with one of our team members to determine if LASIK is the right choice for you.

How do I speed up LASIK recovery?

There are several things you can do to help speed up recovery from LASIK surgery. Avoid rubbing or pressing on your eyes, and take breaks throughout the day to rest them. Be sure to follow all of your post-operative instructions, including using eye drops as directed and attending all follow-up appointments. You should also avoid wearing makeup or contact lenses for a short period after surgery.

Long-Term Clear Vision Today

Fantastic developments in LASIK surgery technology are allowing thousands of new patients to receive laser refractive surgery. If you're interested in having LASIK eye surgery but aren't sure if you're a good candidate, you can contact our team to schedule a consultation. People who aren't ideal candidates for LASIK could be candidates for another vision correction option. We are here to provide our Birmingham, AL patients their best vision possible.

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