Will Humidifiers Help Reduce Dry Eye Symptoms?

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A bout or two of dryness or other ocular irritation every now and again should not cause concern. But if you’re consistently struggling with eye dryness or other symptoms, such as hazy vision, bloodshot eyes, stinging, light sensitivity, or general discomfort, visit us at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham.

The earlier we detect the cause of your ocular troubles, the quicker we can offer you relief and advanced options for overall eye health and comfort. So, contact us today to find comfort in Birmingham, AL.

Am I suffering from dry eye syndrome? What causes it?

Despite its name, dry eye syndrome may include a variety of other symptoms beyond dryness. These symptoms include multiple painful or bothersome ailments, including bloodshot eyes, stinging, irritation, soreness, or the sensation that one’s eyes feel heavy.

Some experience the feeling that they have grit or some other object stuck in the eye. Light sensitivity, as well as troubles with night vision, may occur. One’s visual acuity may also suffer from haziness. As a result, dry eyes may lead to excessive tearing, as the overproduction of tears attempts to right the situation.

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic disorder. If you notice occasional dryness or irritation, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have dry eye syndrome. But if it occurs persistently, it’s in your best interest to seek a professional opinion.

Generally, it is caused by faulty tear production. Either the body does not produce enough tears, or their consistency is off. Because in addition to water, tears also contain mucus and oil to help increase their surface coverage, improve lubrication, and reduce evaporation.

Will humidifiers help reduce dry eye symptoms?

There are multiple treatment options we offer in Birmingham, AL. These include eye drops or artificial tears. You can also do many things at home or elsewhere on a daily basis to improve your outcome without much effort or hassle.

One option is to use a humidifier throughout the day, as humidifiers add moisture to the air, and moisture helps slow down the evaporation of the tear film that constantly comforts and lubricates the eyes.

Therefore, adding a humidifier may help you alleviate the annoying symptoms of dry eye syndrome, reducing some of the dryness and resultant discomfort. Additionally, having a humidifier in your room overnight may help dry eye sufferers get better sleep and wake up more rested, and ready to take on the day.

And that’s one of the most detrimental effects of dry eye syndrome – the pervading discomfort drains one’s energy, makes it harder to rest and relax, then leaves one feeling tired and less able to excel at work, school, or other obligations.

Get dry eye relief sooner rather than later

Dry eye syndrome can be a daily annoyance that keeps you from enjoying your favorite hobbies and being your productive best at school or work. Fortunately, we offer numerous clinically proven options in Birmingham, AL.

In addition to professional treatments, we’re happy to provide you with dry eye relief plans: strategies you can use daily, tailored specifically for your needs. If you’re seeking dry eye relief, reach out to us at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham.

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