Why Would Someone Need Multifocal Contact Lenses?

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Visual disturbances are surprisingly common throughout both the U.S. and the world. More than 150 million Americans have refractive errors, like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. And these numbers will only continue to rise. But we're here to help you see the world more clearly and gain the visual freedom to excel at daily tasks and enjoy an improved quality of life.

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One of the simplest, most popular, and most effective options for improving one's eyesight is the prescription of contact lenses. More than 45 million Americans wear contacts for crisp, vivid vision, and it's easy to see why.

We strive to make eye care as easy and accessible as possible by providing the most advanced vision correction devices, including state-of-the-art contact lenses designed for the best fit. They're comfier than ever, and most people with contacts report little to no discomfort. Though there are many types of lenses, some of the most preferred options include daily wear, scleral lenses, astigmatism lenses, and multifocal lenses.

Why would someone need multifocal contact lenses?

Multifocal contact lenses are a good choice for those who want to see clearly over multiple distances. For example, more than 100 million Americans have presbyopia. This age-related loss of vision is caused by the gradual loss of flexibility in the eyes' structures, leading to poorer vision, especially at near distances.

It generally begins developing in one's 40s, and many in this, and more advanced age groups, are frustrated by the lack of focus that makes reading and other activities more challenging. Those frustrated by presbyopia may use reading glasses, but multifocal contacts could offer a more convenient, comfortable alternative.

Yet multifocal lenses can be a fantastic, life-transforming solution for those affected by refractive errors. Since multifocal lenses offer much better vision at multiple ranges, they could be just what you need to fully enjoy life again, making it easier to read, work, drive, or engage in physical activities, such as working out.

Potentially being able to ditch your glasses is another benefit, as is the fact that many patients no longer find themselves struggling with the symptoms of compromised eyesight. These uncomfortable or even painful symptoms often include constant squinting, eye strain, or headaches.

See the world clearly up close and far away with multifocal contact lenses

Multifocal contact lenses can provide the game-changing option you need to improve your vision. Whether at work, play, or the gym, crisp eyesight at multiple distances yields untold benefits. And you won't have to wait for it because our on-site optical lab can quickly get your prescription in an hour or less.

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