How To Manage My Dry Eyes At Home

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Dry eye syndrome in Birmingham, AL is an annoying condition that can cause your eyes to feel irritated throughout the day. You may struggle to produce natural tears, thus causing your eyes to feel itchy and irritated. The ophthalmologists at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham can review your dry eye condition and find a treatment solution that will keep it from progressing. We also recommend you consider a few points to help you manage your dry eyes at home.

Resting your eyes is essential

One point to follow when managing your dry eyes is to keep them rested on occasion. For example, you can rest your eyes for a few minutes after staring at a screen for a while. As essential as computers can be for work purposes, staring at these illuminated screens for too long can cause your eyes to feel dry and worn out.

Use a humidifier

You can use a humidifier in your home if the air in your space feels dry. Sometimes, weather conditions can cause a space to feel dry. The problem is worse in the winter when humidity levels outside start to drop. Using a humidifier in your home can help keep your eyes healthy and prevent irritation.

Drink more water

Water consumption can also help you produce tears. Drinking water throughout the day helps you stay energetic, plus it keeps your cells functional. You may have an easier time making tears when your body has enough water content, although the extent of this will vary surrounding your situation. Our ophthalmologists at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham in Birmingham, AL can review your needs and find a treatment that works for you.

Add omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are compounds in many fish products and other meats, but they can also appear in various supplements. These fatty acids can restore your eyes and reduce your need for artificial tears. The acids can support the production of a healthy oil film over the eyelid.

Omega-3 acids stimulate the meibomian glands that produce oils on the inside parts of the eyelids. The production keeps the eyes hydrated and relaxed without struggling to produce tears.

Avoid smoking

The last tip for managing dry eyes at home is to avoid smoking. The smoke that comes with cigarettes and other smoking items can dry your eyes and create excess heat. The irritants in tobacco products can also make those bothersome feelings in your eyes worse if they stick around for a while.

Get dry eye treatment in Birmingham, AL

Your dry eyes can be easier to treat when you know what to do and what not to do throughout the day. Be sure to review your living situation and dietary efforts to keep your eyes from getting too dry. You can also visit us at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham if you’re looking for extra support in managing your dry eye condition. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for services in Birmingham, AL.

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