How Can Eye Injuries be Avoided?

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According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, around 2.5 million individuals worldwide are annually afflicted by eye injuries. Providing eye safety strategies, along with preventive care, is one of our primary goals at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham. Averting harm can be much easier on you, and your loved ones, than treating an injury that could have been avoided.

So, it’s vital to keep the following tips in mind, as they’ll help keep you healthy and visually sharp while sparing you the time, hassle, cost, and discomfort of dealing with an eye injury. Yet, if an eye injury occurs, or you have any concerns about your ocular wellness or vision, please contact us in Birmingham, AL.

How can I avoid eye injuries?

One can avoid eye injuries by being careful, proactive, and attentive. Among the best ways to ensure personal safety is to utilize the proper protective measures or equipment. For example, some of the most common eye injuries are occupational, such as those suffered from welding accidents. These, as with many other job-related ocular injuries, occur when fast-moving objects threaten to fly into the eye.

But wearing the proper or provided protection (e.g., goggles, masks, helmets, or hoods) can prevent an object or chemical from contacting the eye’s sensitive tissues, whether one is welding for their career or performing chemistry in an academic setting. The proper protective equipment can also withstand another primary cause of injury, blunt force trauma caused by objects impacting the eye area.

Other forms of protection, such as sunglasses, can resist another type of injury: the damage caused by UV radiation from the sun. Individuals should also be careful while cleaning or using common chemicals, as these can splash into the eyes and yield another common cause of ocular injury.

Keep the following precautions in mind to avoid eye injuries

It’s also important to help others, such as loved ones, avoid eye injuries. The risk of such harm is greatest for children and older individuals, so it’s vital to be proactive about protecting your family members and friends.

Other measures are equally efficient for averting ocular injuries and potentially serious harm. For example, one can scan their house for sharp edges, such as those on furniture or other domestic fixtures.

Stairs and other elevated or depressed steps can cause falls, but individuals can reduce these risks by ensuring that all such areas are appropriately illuminated. Additionally, one can easily avoid chemical injuries by pointing nozzles away from their face, always using protective goggles, and washing their hands after handling chemicals.

Protect your long-term eye health and vision

Good eye health and visual acuity are inextricably linked. And we’re dedicated to helping patients achieve both ocular wellness and exceptional eyesight in Birmingham, AL. Among the best ways to protect and maintain your well-being and vision is to take the appropriate measures to avoid eye injuries and their associated complications.

Yet, life is unpredictable, and should such an injury occur, our expert doctors at inVision Ophthalmology Birmingham can promptly and effectively help you achieve an optimal outcome. So if you’ve experienced an eye injury or have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

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